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Name: Lo'meath (Low-me-eff)

Description: Lo'meath is a high ranking battle mage of the Scryers.  Usually, he would be creative and provocative with his peers, studying the magical arts and training for battle.  But recently he has become reclusive, not talking to his colleagues or performing his duties.

He is naturally poetic and dramatic.

First Appearance: Chapter One - Page Twenty Four
Name: Huilii (Hyu-lee)

Description: Huilii is the last apprentice of Ishanah, High Priestess of the Aldor.  A strong priestess in her own right, she is dutiful and confident.  She has devoted her life to her trade, radiating the Light and its principles.

She is outspoken, but conservative.

First Appearance: Chapter Two - Page Sixteen


Name: Ishanah (E-shaw-nah)

Description: A high priestess of the Aldor, she is their leader, ever since they were found in the ruined temple in Lower City and restored to greatness.  She is quick-tempered and hardened by all the Draenei have had to endure in Outlands.  She has no love for her former enemies, but knows enough restraint to not fight them outright.

First Appearance: Prologue - Page Ten
Name: Adyen (A-dee-en)

Description: Ishanah's second-hand man.  While a stalwart warrior, he is a softie at heart, and cares much for the safety of the high 

First Appearance: Chapter One - Page Eighteen
Name: Taran (Teh-rahn)

Description: A high-ranking member of the Aldor, and cousin to Huilii.  He is quick tempered, bitter and prone to violence.  He holds the Aldor ideals to the letter, vowing vengeance on any enemies of his people.

First Appearance: Prologue - Page Twelve
Name: Kelara (Que-la-rah)

Description: Most days, Kelara can be found in the Aldor tier working for the High Priestess, but she was once (and still considers herself) Huilii's caretaker.  After finding the young Draenei as an orphan a long time ago, she has taken care of the budding priestess.  Kelara has a tendency to ramble, getting lost in nostalgia.  But she's caring, loving and simple.

First Appearance: Chapter Two - Page Fifteen
Name: Nindumen (Gneen-do-men)

Description: Kelara's personal attendant, and anchorite to the Aldor.

First Appearance: Chapter Five - Page Twenty-Seven
Name: Inessera (In-neh-seh-rah)

Description: A low-ranking member of the Aldor, she is loyal and true to the order.  Is playful to a fault.

First Appearance: Chapter One - Page One
Name: Kaan (Kahn)

Description: A low-ranking member of the Aldor, he is overly zealous and believes in Aldor supremacy.  Is also not too bright.

First Appearance: Chapter One - Page One


Name: Voren'thal (Voh-ren-thall)

Description: Formerly a magister under the command of Kael'thas Sunstrider, servitor of Illidan, Voren'thal led an army of blood elves against the Sha'tar and their Aldor allies who had reclaimed the shattered Shattrath City. They defected, and Voren'thal and his followers set a base in what is now known as the Scryer's Tier in the southern part of Shattrath. [Taken from WoWWiki]

He's getting on in age, even by elven standards.  Even so, he lead the Scryers through the defeat of their former masters and the events of the Sunwell.  With no new common enemy, he has becomes frailer and somehow more agitated.  His people's relation with the Aldor, already scarred by the past, has worsened with time.

First Appearance: Prologue - Page Eleven
Name: Fyalenn (Fya-len)

Description: Voren'thal's partner, she is skilled in the magical arts.  She acts as a guide for most of the Scryers.  She is strict, but motherly towards the younger members.

First Appearance: Chapter One - Page Eighteen
Name: Belianna (Beh-lia-nah)

Description: She is a highly respected member of the Scryers, a soldier at the core and serving Voren'thal directly.  She is strict and military-esque.  She, however, prefers peace over war, idolizing order and justice.

First Appearance: Chapter One - Page Eight
Name: Lisrythe (Li-zrithe)

Description: A low-ranking member of the Scryers.  She has a quick temper, and loses focus when enraged.

First Appearance: Chapter One - Page Three
Name: Bardolan (Bard-oh-lan)

Description: A low-ranking member of the Scryers, he generally doesn't talk much.  He also runs errands for Lo'meath.

First Appearance: Chapter One - Page Three

Ruling Party of Shattrath City

Name: A'dal (Ah-dall)

Description: As with most of the naaru, little is known of A'dal personally, though he appears to count Khadgar and Velen as personal friends. At some point following the destruction of Draenor, A'dal and his compatriots, the Sha'tar, arrived and assisted the Aldor in reclaiming the ruins of Shattrath City. A'dal also approved an alliance between Shattrath's forces and the Sons of Lothar, to the extent that Khadgar moved to Shattrath to assist the Sha'tar. [Taken from WoWWiki]

First Appearance: Prologue - Page Five
Name: Khadgar (Cad-guar)

Description: Khadgar is one of the most powerful wizards to have ever lived. He was the apprentice for the Last Guardian, Medivh, and went on to become one of the greatest heroes of the Alliance during the Second War and as a commander of the Alliance Expedition to Draenor.[Taken from WoWWiki]

First Appearance: Prologue - Page Five
Name: Tiras'alan (Tee-rass-ah-lan)

Description: Tiras'alan is a general of the Shattered Sun Offensive, the main force behind the defeat of the Legion at the Sunwell.  He is a tolerate and patient man, hardened by battles.  While accepting of the blood elves, he is not fond of them and despises their use of the Light.  He has also shown interest in finding a mate now that the war is over, and his duties fulfilled.

First Appearance: Chapter Two - Page One
Name: Mer'thalas (Maer-ffa-loss)

Description: Mer'thalas is considered one of the great heroes of the Shattered Sun Offensive, having personally lead 'ventures' against high-ranking members of Kael'thas' elite.  He is also one of Lo'meath's best friends, and leaves no stone unturned when teasing him.  He is generally lighthearted, if not cynical, and is a natural joker.

First Appearance: Chapter Three - Page One
Name: Nakodu (Nah-ko-do)

Description: Nakodu acts as the quartermaster for the inhabitants of Lower City, offering provisions to those who live there and who has proven themselves friends of the refugees.

He is also a former priest of the Light, unable to continue his former duties due to fel corruption.  However, he continues to serve, offering spiritual advice and providing medicines for the Infirmary, also located in Lower City.  He is slow to act, but wise in most things.

First Appearance: Chapter Five - Page One
Khadgar's Servant
Name: Khadgar's Servant

Description: This summoned elemental of Khadgar acts as a guide for heroes new to the city, and acts as the main narrator for the story of Lo'meath & Huilii.

First Appearance: Prologue - Page Seven


Name: Rosalyn (Row-za-lynn)

Description: Rosalyn is an envoy from Stormwind, a budding priestess who has vowed chastity in the name of the Light.  She is at first the object of Lo'meath's affections, her beauty and grace often praised but never seen.

First Mentionned: Chapter One - Page Thirty Five
Dwarf Warrior
Name: Dwarf Warrior

Description: The defacto leader of the heroes, through his role as the tank, he his mostly bad humoured and tempered.  Has little patience but is mostly quiet.

First Appearance: Prologue - Page Three
Gnome Mage
Name: Gnome Mage

Description: The caster of the group, she seems to have an extensive amount of experience to match her short stature.  She is, by consequence, a tad bit of a diva.

First Appearance: Prologue - Page Three
Night Elf Death Knight
Name: Night Elf Death Knight

Description: While being the most eager of the group, he is lacking in experience.  He likes to think he leads the group, and always wants to be upfront.

First Appearance: Prologue - Page Three
Human Priest
Name: Human Priest

Description: Is quiet most of the time, fulfilling her role as the group healer.

First Appearance: Prologue - Page Three
Worgen Druid
Name: Worgen Druid

Description: Staying in their cat form 24/7, not much is know of this feline friend.  They seem to mostly not take much attention to their sorroundings.

First Appearance: Prologue - Page Three

Freedom Guild

Morigan Strongheart
Name: Morigan Strongheart (Moe-ree-ghan)

Description: Nicknamed "The Crimson Crusader", Morigan has been: a paladin in training, a Stormwind Guard, a convicted criminal, a Scarlet Crusader and finally a mercenary leader.  Her father forcibly enrolled her as part of the Northshire Covenant as a child in hopes to deter her from learning Shadow arts like her deceased mother.  She is rude, crude and offensive to just about everyone she meets.  Her favorite activities include brawling, drinking and punching stuff.  Her history, and her fiery attitude, have given her quite a bad reputation, especially considering she can usually back up the threats she makes. She has an extraordinairy ability with the Light, so much so that it radiates from her instead of through her.

Despite her bad reputation, she has also gained a measure of respect, especially among her colleagues.  She is fiercely loyal to her friends, defending them at all costs.  She generally prefers the company of women in all aspects of her life, and naturally distrusts men.  She also has an intense dislike for the Undead, but is otherwise neutral and does not follow any specific faction except her own mercenary guild, the Freedom Corps, a selection of strong and independant mercenaries who seek to be free from traditionnal expectations.

First Appearance: Second Intermission - Page Two
Natasha "Vixen" Hayes
Name: Natasha "Vixen" Hayes (Nah-tah-sha Heys)

Description: Natasha comes from a poor and troubled family, with a long history of being eccentric in Goldshire and the sorrounding countryside.  This made her life incredibly difficult as a child and, coupled with a mild case of Schizophrenia and a natural affinity for Demonic arts, made her both hated and feared by the community.  After finding herself in the Stockades, she soon joined Morigan's mercenary guild, where the two became romantically involved for a time.

Thanks to her relationship with Morigan, she is no longer unstable, and is loyal to her former lover.  She is compassionate, understanding, but rather shy and quiet.

First Appearance: Second Intermission - Page Two


Name: Arvinaedrien [US-Shadow Council]

Description: A demon hunter aspirant. [ Link]

First Appearance: First Intermission - Page One
Name: Cobalt [EU-Nordrassil]

Description: Night Elven rogue. [ Link]

First Appearance: First Intermission - Page One
Name: Kheradin

Description: Dwarven hunter, with Bartleby, his crab companion.

First Appearance: First Intermission - Page One
Name: Olania [US-Dalaran]

Description: Draenei shaman. [ Link]

First Appearance: First Intermission - Page One
Name: Serenais [EU-Steamweedle Cartel]

Description: Formerly a vindicator in services of Hand of Argus, Serenais no longer considers herself part of the organisation after the Battle of the Vector Coil. She is now Regent Keeper of the Moonshine Guild. Outside her official duities, she is a cook and occasional smith. She is perfectionist, diplomatic and eager. [Wikia Link] [ Link]

First Appearance: First Intermission - Page One
Name: Trigonometry [US-Wyrmrest Accord]

Description: Trigonometry is analytical and calculating, but a bit of a troublemaker at the same time.  She also has a wicked sense of a humour, if a bit sadistic due her being a Death Knight. [Webcomic Link] [ Link]

First Appearance: First Intermission - Page One
Name: Valtheron [US-Farstriders]

Description: Blood Elven ranger, with his companion, Gryhe. [ Link]

First Appearance: First Intermission - Page One