ComiCon Toronto 2013

I had the chance to go to Toronto on March 9th this year for ComiCon, and was lucky enough to have my friend go with me.  While the experience wasn't as streamlined as I'd hoped, and I didn't take that many pictures, I still enjoyed it and hope to convey my experiences here :D  I originally wanted to go on Sunday, but my friend wanted to go with me and could only go on Saturday.

The Trip

 I first met my friend in Oshawa, and we then rode GO train all the way to Union.  It promised to be a great day, with high spring temperatures and a sunny sky.

Once in Toronto we got lost a few times looking for a restaurant we wanted to try, but finally found it after some bickering and hissing.  The food was decent at best, but my friend enjoyed the gluten-free meal.

Gluten- Free MealAwesome Lemonade

If you're interested, the place is called Karine's and is right by the OCAD downtown.

After that, we headed to the Convention Center to try getting in.  After figuring out which end of the building the line was forming, we were met with something incredible...

The Line

There is no explanation for how long this line was.  It was huge, like 200 people in the least, all wanting to go inside to ComiCon.  Apparently there were so many people that they had to stagger entry to allow people to leave before they let more in.  While I don't have any pictures (we didn't want to stay with the huge crowd of people there, and the organizers said to check back in a few hours) it was all over Twitter, and I think on the news at some point.

So we decided to leave and walk around a bit, and then crashed in a local Starbucks for a half hour before tyring again.  We were glad to see that the line had dwindled to about two dozen people, but it was still another hour before we were let in and could buy tickets.

The Con

Once we were in, and we were happy to finally get in, but damn there was a lot of people.  And I don't mean like...bus station or airport or mall crowds.  I mean butt to butt, squeezing through tight spaces crowds.  Unfortunately this made both of us incredibly uncomfortable having never been to a con before.  We did take the time to check out the vendors, and some of the cosplayers, but I think we were both a bit overwhelmed.  I didn't buy anything, and only two one picture of a cosplayer we both found rather cute.

We made one more pass so I could see the creator of a game I tested, Krog, to say hi and whatnot, but we soon left to get some air.

Overall it was a really nice experience, but I think I ended enjoying my friend's company more than the Con itself :D


We ended the day by eating in a restaurant north of Toronto before calling it a night.  Again, while I did enjoy the experience, there are some things I'll do different next year:

I think keeping this in mind will make the experience much better than it has been.  I encourage anyone who's into anything remotely gaming or geeky to try it out at least once.  Totally worth it.